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Classical Lullabies for Sound Sleep, Vol. 1: Bach

As a new mom, I had trouble finding really great music for newborns, and got tired of listening to the same nursery rhymes again and again.

I created this album of classically-themed lullabies specifically for new moms and small babies. I wanted to make a beautiful substitute for pre-programmed swing music that parents could also enjoy.

It's been a huge help to our family, and I hope it brings a lot of joy, comfort and happiness to yours, too.

- Maria Johnson, founder of The Well-Tempered Baby



What's inside?

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Classical Lullabies for Sound Sleep, Vol. 1: Bach is an album of J.S. Bach's most soothing and joyous compositions, arranged for harp, and tailored especially for small babies.

Oh, and it's probably the only album of baby music made entirely by a new mom - with a sleeping baby on her lap!

The album features:

  • A gentle, rocking tempo

  • Simple, easy to listen to melodies and arrangements

  • Minimal volume changes that won't disturb a sleeping baby

  • Timed to the approximate length of a baby's sleep cycle

  • Made by a new mom who fully understands the needs of newborns and older babies

  • Compositions that will encourage post-partum mothers to relax along with their little ones

  • A refreshing alternative to the default music on your favorite swing or rocker

  • New baby tested!


When should I listen to the album with my baby or toddler?

For newborns

We recommend listening to Vol. 1 almost anytime - during quiet play, naps, or car rides.

We encourage you to substitute an album by The Well-Tempered Baby for the normal, pre-programmed music on your baby's swing or rocker. Classical Lullabies for Sound Sleep Vol. 1: Bach was carefully edited to meet a newborn's needs. It is relaxing and interesting, without being overstimulating.

For older babies

We still recommend listening to Vol. 1 almost anytime - during quiet play, naps, or car rides. Be aware that older babies may react strongly to changes in the environment during their naptimes. That's why our albums have minimal volume changes and are all approximately 45 min in length - the same length as a baby's sleep cycle.

If you decide to use our music as a sleep cue your baby falls asleep while listening to an album by The Well-Tempered Baby, he/she will be listening to the same music at the beginning of every sleep cycle.

For moms

Baby music shouldn't be enjoyable for babies - the whole family should enjoy it. We hope that playing Classical Lullabies for Sound Sleep, Vol. 1: Bach will also help calm those post-partum nerves.


What are others saying about The-Well Tempered Baby?

After hearing every toy manufacturer’s rendition of the Incy Wincy Spider, The Well-Tempered Baby is extremely welcome. The gentle harp music is soothing for my baby, and relaxing for me as well, which is great after spending my day trying to reason with a 9-month-old. Would definitely recommend, we’ve really been enjoying it.
— Allyshia
The music is lovely and soothing even for adults. My granddaughter (just turned 3) broke into a beatific smile as I began to play it and said ‘That’s beautiful... All babies would love it.
— Kathy
I would think this would be the perfect baby shower gift.
— Kay

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